Grumpy Old Man

Full-stack engineer at WeTransferspending all of my free time eating and tinkering since 2008also not actually that grumpy (or old... yet)

  • Assortment of coffee equipment

    The little bean that could.

    9 Nov 2022

    My first article, yay! And it has (*&$ all to do with engineering... well maybe a little. During the Corona pandemic of 2020-20xx [TODO add end date] - and for those reading this in the far future, this was not a tasty beer pandemic but a nasty virus - I picked up multiple new hobby's. One of…

  • Desk with notepad and computer

    Starting a new blog

    7 Nov 2022

    Hey there, After giving it some thought I've decided I want to start writing more. Perhaps document my experiences or simply get things off my chest, and making this public hopefully lights a small fire under my.... chair? What to expect? I'll probably use this space for ranting, sharing snippets…